Letter from Our CEO 2021


Life is an exciting journey. You can set out in one direction, and through a series of opportunities and challenges—and a bit of luck—you create something extraordinary. You start a business you can grow, and that brings you joy and success. You build a company that allows you to bring a team of people along with you on a journey of growth, excitement, and opportunity. This is precisely what OES Global is for me.

Thanks to our ever-growing team of dedicated staff, vendors, suppliers, artists, and innovators, OES Global is a great company.

It is a company built on opportunity: A simple request from a customer turned into multiple requests and more opportunities.

A snowball of growth presented itself, and we seized this golden opportunity. We selected like-minded people who also saw the opportunity and, based on blind faith alone, were willing to do all it takes to build a successful business from scratch. OES Global was born, and we nurtured it with hard work until it flourished.

Today, we continue pushing ourselves to keep growing, learning, and improving. Growth and innovation are team efforts. They require vision, discipline, dedication—and great people.

I remain grateful for a team that believes in me and my vision of serving customers better, faster, and more creatively than even we knew we could. I am gratified by our companywide commitment to pursue best in class in everything we do.

I am honored and humbled to be surrounded by the best and brightest team. Our shared vision will keep us moving forward, earning more business, finding more solutions, creating new opportunities. We truly are on a journey of unlimited possibilities. As CEO of OES Global, I could not be prouder of where we are and all that is ahead of us.

With gratitude,
Melissa Schechter

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