Letter from Our CEO 2023


OES Global continued its trajectory of success in 2023. A significant achievement was moving into our new headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, and the establishment of a state-of-the-art distribution center in Houston, Texas.

Another milestone was our strategic collaboration with SD2K, a premier valet products company, led to the creation of SD2Kvalet. This groundbreaking venture allows our valet parking partners access to the world's finest valet products from three key logistically centered locations — California, Texas, and Florida.

Adding to our technological expertise, we introduced ARSEN Technology, a revolutionary tool for our clients. This innovation enables them to work with sophisticated art files without requiring any special training or special programs — a pioneering feat in our industry.

The expansion didn't stop there; our team welcomed new talent in sales, technology, graphics, and production. The new headquarters brought enhanced capabilities, including an expanded fleet of vehicles and the creation of an interactive showroom. This showroom serves as a hands-on experience for clients to explore and select the right products.

Within our Hydration Depot division, the focus shifted towards our Corporate Hydration Program (CHP). Tailoring complex hydration packages, we addressed the increasing heat stress environments and dietary concerns faced by our corporate clients. Hydration Depot emerged as the leader in CHP solutions, offering unique corporate hydration solutions not available through any other provider.

As our team relentlessly pursues excellence, we are committed to tackling complex challenges and providing innovative solutions. Whether addressing internal or external issues, Team OES remains dedicated to delivering nothing short of AWESOME.

Best regards,
Melissa CEO, OES Global

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