Letter from Our CEO 2024


In 2024, we embark on a journey of exploring new markets, making strategic acquisitions, and expanding our reach. A pivotal focus is the expansion of our AbsorbentsForLess.com business.

Our premier brand of products has long been a cornerstone in our lineup. With a steadfast commitment to attracting top-tier talent, our efforts in this division have paid off, resulting in remarkable growth. We are proud to announce a 20% year-over-year expansion, a testament to the exceptional team we've assembled.

The HydrationDepot team has forged key strategic partnerships, including a sustainable boxed drinking water product fully customizable to our clients' branding needs. Furthering our commitment to innovation, we've expanded our cooling offerings with Elkay Hydration Stations, Big Ass Industrial Fans, and new hydration products from Sword and Shield, MyHY, Gatorade, and Sqwincher.

Breaking new ground in the traffic space, we now offer pantone color matching on traffic cones, introducing unique options like "Tiffany" Blue. Our exclusive products include the first-ever 28” Red/Black Based cones and the Traffic Cones For Less Exclusive Black Traffic Cone, widely used by valets nationwide.

Introducing a range of aviation specialties, including wheel chocks, marshalling wands, wing tip markers, and more, we've dedicated a full page on Traffic Cones For Less to cater to our aviation customers. Our product team is diligently working to incorporate the best products in the aviation safety space.

Committed to finding solutions, we've introduced e-procurement technology seamlessly integrated with all major e-procurement systems, including Coupa, Jaggaers Ariba, and many others. This ensures a streamlined process for our current and new clients alike, showcasing our dedication to innovation and client satisfaction.

As we chart these exciting territories, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our incredible team and valued clients. Together, we shape the future. Here's to a year of growth, collaboration, and success.

Best regards,
Melissa CEO, OES Global

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