Custom Legend

Custom Legend Is a cost effective method for applying words, numbers or simple designs to traffic Signs. A Legend is the word or symbol that is displayed on the sign. Legends can be customized based on the needs of the customer. We proudly make all signs to order with a fast lead time of only 24-48 hours to print and have ready to ship.

Materials Offered:

  • Non-reflective Vinyl
  • Reflective Vinyl
  • ORAFOL Reflective Vinyl - Higher Quality
  • Mesh
Vinyl Overlay

Vinyl overlay is a unique feature that we can offer for signs. The overlay is a piece of vinyl that has a specific legend printed and is removable from the sign so that the message can be changed with another overlay. For example, the "WORKERS AHEAD 500FT" sign can be easily changed to "WORKERS AHEAD 1000FT" with an overlay. Overlays are made of the same material and ink as the sign and are attached using end-to-end velcro.

Sign Stand Options There are multiple sign stand options available. More heavy duty sign stands are made for highways and high speed areas while there are cheaper and lighter options for local roadways and pedestrian areas.

5012NS-Economy WindMaster No Spring: For pedestrian and low-speed areas, not recommended for use where cars move 45mph+ or areas with high speed winds.

5012SS-Economy WindMaster Single Spring: For use on local roadways. Not recommended for use where cars move 60mph+

4814M-SL-WindMaster Large Dual Springs Roll Up Sign Stand: For use in high speed areas, Can be used just about anywhere regardless of wind or traffic speed. Recommended for highways. Can withstand winds up to 70mph.

If you are looking to add, replace, or update your traffic cones, delineators, traffic control, crowd control, fleet vehicle, and/or other safety equipment and signage, visit We carry the highest quality items and are the only supplier to have branded, Pantone-matching color cones and full-color reflective collar logo capabilities.

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