OES Global Streamlines Multi E-Procurement Purchasing Processes for Customers Through Strategic Relationship with Greenwing Technology

March 6, 2024

OES Global, a leading provider of innovative solutions in traffic safety, hydration products, valet services, and absorbent materials, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Greenwing Technology. This collaboration aims to simplify the E-Procurement purchasing process for both current and future customers across OES Global's diverse portfolio of brands, including TrafficConesForLess, HydrationDepot, SD2kvalet, and AbsorbentsForLess.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

Hydration Depot

1. Simplified Procurement: OES Global's decision to partner with Greenwing is driven by the shared vision of simplifying the E-Procurement purchasing process. The collaboration ensures a user-friendly and streamlined experience for customers seeking traffic safety equipment, hydration products, valet services, and absorbents.

2. Enhanced Accessibility: Greenwing Technology offers customers a simplified interface for seamless navigation through the procurement process, making it easier for businesses to access and purchase OES Global's wide range of products and services.

3. Efficiency and Time Savings: The partnership with Greenwing Technology is geared towards improving efficiency and saving valuable time for customers. With a more straightforward E-Procurement process, businesses can focus on their core operations while enjoying a hassle-free purchasing experience.

4. Universal Integration: Greenwing Technology’s platform seamlessly integrates with various E-Procurement systems, allowing OES Global's customers to leverage their existing infrastructure and choose from a wide array of options that best suit their needs.

OES Global’s CEO Melissa Schechter expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Greenwing Technology is a strategic move to simplify and enhance the E-Procurement purchasing process for our valued customers. We believe this partnership will bring about a positive impact, making it easier for businesses to access and benefit from our diverse range of products and services." This engagement underscores OES Global's commitment to delivering customer-centric solutions and leveraging technology to create a more accessible and efficient procurement experience for its customers.

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