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In the realm of sustainability, OES Global and its E-commerce brand,, have strategically aligned themselves with JBC, not just as a manufacturer but as a dedicated partner in championing eco-friendly practices. The decision to collaborate with JBC is rooted in a shared commitment to environment-friendly solutions, and this synergy is prominently showcased in such products as their traffic cones and delineator bases

JBC's Patented Process: A Testament to Sustainability

OES Global's decision to partner with JBC is driven by their revolutionary patented process for manufacturing traffic cones. This innovative method enables the utilization of virgin PVC for the orange conical portion of the cones while incorporating post-industrial and post-consumer recycled PVC for the base. The outcome is traffic cones with an impressive overall weight comprising a minimum of 40% to 60% recycled material – a testament to JBC's dedication to sustainable practices.

Holistic Sustainability: 100% Recycled Materials

What sets OES Global and JBC apart is their commitment to finding eco-friendly solutions to everyday products. Not only do they use recycled materials for the majority of their traffic cones, but the entire base is crafted from 100% recycled PVC. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of their product reflects a dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Extending Sustainability to Delineator Bases

Beyond traffic cones, OES Global, through its partnership with JBC, extends its eco-friendly ethos to delineator bases. These bases are exclusively manufactured from 100% recycled rubber, showcasing a commitment to eco-friendly offerings strategically designed to elevate industry standards.

OES Global's choice of JBC as a manufacturing and distribution partner is more than a business decision; it is a strategic move to redefine industry standards. By prioritizing sustainability in their supply chain, OES Global not only sets itself apart in the market but also challenges others in the industry to follow suit.

The Power of Collaboration for a Greener Future

As consumers increasingly demand environmentally responsible products, OES Global and JBC's collaboration signals a positive shift in the industry landscape. By choosing a partner with a shared vision for environmental considerations, OES Global not only secures a reliable distributor but also aligns its brand with values that resonate with today's conscientious consumers.

OES Global is dedicated to quality products and is contributing to a paradigm shift in the industry – one where environmental responsibility takes center stage.